The purpose of this website is strictly to share the pictures of the website owner with visitors.

The only data about visitors to this website which is gathered by the owner is the total number of page visits per day, which is measured using Matomo; an open source WordPress plugin. This visitor count is purely for the curiosity of the website owner and is not shared.

If you subscribe for email notifications of new posts, the email address is stored on a server which is administrated only by the website owner and used for only this purpose. Comments on posts are also stored on this server. No data on visitors to this website is shared with others.

Cookies are not in use on this website, hence the lack of a cookie menu when you come here. It is only about your enjoyment of the pictures.

This does not mean that your activity is not being tracked and recorded by others while you are here and you are recommended to mitigate any such intrusions on your privacy and freedom and to advocate for a fair, innocent and free digital future, regardless of your level of technical knowledge.

If you detect any inconsistencies between what is said here and your use of this website please make contact.

Otherwise, just enjoy.